Considering we do all we can to drive carefully and enjoy the roads, it’s not an enjoyable experience to receive a traffic ticket. However, it sometimes happens and how you react is very important. If you feel as though you made a mistake, you can pay the fine and carry on with your driving. If you think you aren’t to blame, it might just be worth hiring a lawyer to defend your case.

If we use a speeding ticket as an example, you might have been keeping up with the traffic flow or perhaps you received a parking ticket because there was a lack of signage in the car park itself. If you aren’t at fault, you have every chance of having the ticket removed from your record. With this in mind, how do you get started?

Sadly, the majority of people simply pay the fine because they don’t know where to start or they feel as though the process of fighting will take too long. If this is the case for you, don’t worry because a lawyer will handle everything on your behalf. Considering traffic tickets can actually increase your insurance premiums, you should be doing all you can to keep your record clean. With a lawyer by your side, the ticket can be revoked and you can enjoy paying a respectable fee for a while longer.

At The Ticket Firm, we want you to succeed so we’ve listed six benefits of hiring a lawyer below!

Experience – If you were to decorate your house, you would get in contact with a professional decorator. Similarly, you wouldn’t let anyone but a mechanic touch your car. With a ticket, you need professionals who spend their lives in the industry and this is what you have with a lawyer. Over the years, they build up the basic knowledge as well as the little tricks and tips to get you out of the fine and penalty on your license.

Perhaps the most simple, but valid, way of getting out of the fine, you might find an error on the ticket and this normally leads to an instant dismissal. Because lawyers in this niche look at tickets all day, they’ll spot errors instantly.

Your Rights – Do you know your rights as a driver in Fort Lauderdale? Unfortunately, not many of us do but, as you can probably guess, a lawyer will know your driving rights inside-out. When you have this expert on your side, there’s no reason why you can’t have the ticket reversed (unless you really made a huge mistake and there’s no way to back out of it!).

Ticket Reduction – So far, we’ve concentrated on mistakes and tickets that weren’t your fault but we should also note that the experts at The Ticket Firm can also get your ticket reduced. Of course, we always hope that it won’t come to this but it’s always good to have this as a back-up option if it can’t be removed entirely.

If you’ve been given a fine that isn’t appropriate for the offence, a lawyer can help to get it reduced. Nowadays, the most common way they can do this is by promoting your clean driving record. If you’ve been on the roads for a number of years without ever having a ticket previously, this may persuade the judge that you don’t deserve the full penalty. If we look at the statistics, very few people choose to do this alone so having the professional representation can make all the difference.

Intimidation – Before we head into this point, we should note that we aren’t talking about intimidation in a threatening manner. However, it’s fair to say that many prosecutors do feel a little intimidated by traffic lawyers (even more so if they have experience and even a reputation!). If you represent yourself, there’s always a danger that the prosecutors will tie you up with long words and your lack of knowledge in this section of the law. Once a lawyer is present, they instantly know that you won’t be bullied into defeat.

Typically, the prosecutors will be aware of how the process will go and this leads to a lighter penalty or even a complete removal.

Affordable – If you think hiring a professional lawyer to fight your ticket will be expensive, think again because our rates at The Ticket Firm are affordable. Why would we charge more than the cost of your ticket? If this were to happen, you would actually end up losing more money just by fighting.

In truth, the process of fighting a ticket is actually very straightforward and many offices can fight dozens of tickets in a single day. This doesn’t mean we won’t spend sufficient time on your case, but it needs less investigating than a murder trial or even a personal injury claim. As we know, fighting a ticket isn’t just about avoiding the fees; it’s actually about not wanting to have a black mark on your record and higher insurance premiums.

Sway Opinions – Finally, from an outside perspective, you have to realize that instantly paying the fine makes you look as though you’re admitting to the mistake. If you’ve invested your own money and spent the time fighting the case, the judge will instantly sit up and pay attention because only someone who is innocent would take those steps to proving so. When we’re accused of something we haven’t done, we like to protest innocence out of principle more than anything else and contacting a lawyer shows this.

Summary – In these six reasons alone, you see why hiring a lawyer can be a great thing to do after receiving a ticket. Fortunately, we have the skills and the experience at The Ticket Firm to help you in the process. Located in Fort Lauderdale, you can contact us on 954-951-0000 and you’ll be put through to a professional!