Why Are We The Best?

The best traffic ticket lawyers keep their clients from having to appear in court, have a close working relationship with both the prosecutors and judges of the district in which the person was charged,  and have a system in place to always keep their clients informed.  AND, WE ARE AFFORDABLE!

Benefit One

With a ticket, you need professionals who spend their lives in the industry and this is what you have with a lawyer. Over the years, they build up the basic knowledge as well as the little tricks and tips.

Benefit Two

If you’ve been given a fine that isn’t appropriate for the offence, a lawyer can help to get it reduced. Nowadays, the most common way they can do this is by promoting your clean driving record.

Benefit Three

If you think hiring a professional lawyer to fight your ticket will be expensive, think again because our rates at The Ticket Firm are affordable. Why would we charge more than the cost of your ticket?

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before I go to court?

If you have an attorney before your arraignment date, talk with your attorney in advance. The more your attorney understands about your case, the more he/she can help you.Generally speaking, you should plan on staying at least three hours for your arraignment and in crowded courts you may be

What are my rights?

Anyone charged with a crime has certain legal rights. You have the right to remain silent when questioned. You do not have to say anything about the facts of your case. If you do, your statements can be used against you in a court of law including during your trial. You have the right to the presence of

Who makes the decisions about my case?

In a criminal case you decide whether to: go to trial or plead guilty, have jury trial or a bench trial, testify or maintain your right to be silent. In a civil case your lawyer should consult with you before making any settlement decision.

How will I pay my lawyer?

In English law, a costs lawyer is a legal professional concerned with legal costs who has attained rights of audience and rights to conduct costs litigation.